Anubis SaleZ welcome you and aims to Professionally serve you with its top consideration in the sales aspect of your business.


About Us

We are the first fully specialized company in both internal and external sales and growth. We work on minimizing many burdens on companies by providing innovative services in achieving sales, which helps them bypass the need for an internal sales department.


Market research

Consumer and company behavioral analysis

Expert Consultation

Giving the needed opinions on improving the overall business status and revenue.

Closing Sales

A team that is specialized in increasing sales and company performance

Data Base

building positive relations with fellow companies and current / potential consumers.

Our Mission

The message of our company lies in creating an innovative method of sales whether it’s for companies or individuals, by providing effective services with the best quality and reducing stress on companies, so that they no longer have the need for building the sales department in order to get going

Our Vision

Our future vision is to minimize the financial and mental burden on our clients’ shoulders, by eliminating possible obstacles such as having a sales department and providing our specialized team that manages sales operations with highest standards and methods in mind, completing all assigned services related to the client.

Our Goal

Introducing companies to the modern, effective leap of sales through:

  • Reduce the burden of establishing a special sales department in companies, especially startups and medium enterprises.
  • Reducing the human resources used in companies.
  • Reducing expenses and utilizing resources in companies.
  • Improving the accuracy performance with the presence of a specialized team with experience and professional training.

Contact Us

Dear customer: To be the closest to you, we are happy to answer your questions and meet your needs. You can share your opinions and suggestions with us.

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